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The Best Air Fryer Grill Plate

Vortex Air Fryer Grill Plate

Are you searching for an air fryer that can grill and bake? This model may be the perfect fit. It comes with a perforated grill pan and solid baking tray that fits most 6-quart air fryers.

The grill pan can be used for grilling bacon or ribs, while the solid tray is perfect for frying chips. These pieces fit together snugly and are easy to wash in the dishwasher after use.

Easy to clean

If you enjoy grilling with your air fryer, this 2-Piece Grill Pan Set is just what you need! This 2-Piece Set includes a perforated tray and solid pan that fit the Instant Pot Vortex air fryer and lets you create that char-grilled taste and texture without using oil. Perfect for steaks, crispy bacon or kabobs – whatever dish it may be!

Furthermore, this air fryer accessory is easy to clean. Simply place the pan inside the basket, flip it over, and wipe down with a damp cloth for sparkling results. Keeping your air fryer looking its best has never been simpler!

Another feature we appreciate about this air fryer grill pan is that it’s dishwasher safe. Crafted from durable, rust-resistant alloy steel with a nonstick coating for easy clean-up and removal, it comes in an array of vibrant colors to match your kitchen decor.

Good Housekeeping testers and customers alike have praised this air fryer accessory’s ease of use and versatility, making it a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys cooking with an air fryer. Having this handy accessory on hand means you can cook meals whenever you want – perfect for busy families! Plus, with its grill pan attachment you can grill burgers in either the oven or microwave, saving time and energy!

Versatile cooking

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Unlike traditional ovens, this device utilizes a superheated stream of hot air to crisp food without the grease mess. It features an advanced high-density nonstick grill plate with raised ridges that chars your snacks like an expert. We’ve never seen such an impressive touchscreen in a countertop appliance before – making it easy to use and navigate. Furthermore, its multifunctional capabilities extend to baking and dehydrating – perfect for those with gluten or nut free diets! It even features a convenient non-stick cooking tray and additional grilling tools that will have you searching for your skimmer when grilling up some family dinner. It’s no wonder why this air fryer made our list of the best air fryers, especially when placed within an already shiny kitchen setting.

BBC Good Food’s expert review team has carefully chosen our picks to give you the best value for your money. From gourmet chocolates and wine, to healthy meals and more, these choices have been thoroughly scrutinized to guarantee you get the very best experience.

Intuitive controls

This updated air fryer features a sleeker design with clean lines, smoother texture and an updated control panel. Additionally, the unit now features new cooking status indicators at the center of its console that will let you know exactly what it’s doing.

It has a few thoughtful design features that make cooking easier. For instance, the grill plate utilizes EvenCrisp technology for evenly cooked and crispy results. Plus, you get a nonstick cooking tray as well as additional grill accessories for even greater versatility.

Aside from its impressive capabilities, this air fryer is also easy to use due to a user-friendly interface and touchscreen controls. There are eight presets and an accessible temperature-controlling dial – perfect for novices in air frying! Plus, the display lets you monitor the progress of your meal in real time so that you won’t miss out on that delicious treat!

Our tests revealed remarkable accuracy and consistency from this device. It cooked our recipes without fail, while dehydrating fruit and vegetables – an ideal way to use up those leftovers!

The Vortex Air Fryer Grill Plate offers great value for your money and it’s sure to become a valuable addition to your kitchen appliances collection. Its standout feature is its large cooking basket and nonstick crisper tray, plus we appreciate how convenient its touch-screen controls are located near the edge. Unfortunately, due to its numerous small airflow openings, cleaning may prove challenging.

Large cooking basket

The Vortex Air Fryer Grill Plate’s large cooking basket provides plenty of room to fry up large quantities of fries, chicken wings and other fried foods. This makes it a great choice for larger families but keep in mind that the clearance height is slightly higher than other models, making it difficult to use for recipes with items that rise when cooked.

The nonstick coating on the baskets is easy to clean and can be removed with a brush or cloth. Dishwasher safe, but make sure you rinse and dry them thoroughly after each use.

This air fryer isn’t just for fries; it can also be used for other items like burgers, steak, bacon, fish and shrimp as well as vegetables. It has preset settings to suit various foods types as well as manual settings if none of the preprogrammed options suit your cooking needs.

Make all your favourite fried foods without using much fat in this air fryer, and it cooks faster than most models too! Thanks to Rapid Air Technology, which circulates air more quickly than traditional models, your fries or chips will be crispier and less likely to be limp and cold.

Our home tester and lab testers were delighted with this air fryer, which quickly heated up and cooked food evenly. Its Smart Finish feature allows two distinct foods to be finished at different temperatures and times – perfect for making French fries and chicken breasts simultaneously for a family-sized dinner!

The Vortex Air Fryer Grill Plate stands out among other air fryers on the market with a dedicated rack for fries and an impressive rotisserie function. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe and available in various colors to match your kitchen decor.

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The Vortex Air Fryer Grill Plate’s ceramic coated, PTFE and PFOA-free baskets make it safer to cook with than metal. Plus, it’s smaller than some other models so it takes up less counter top space and cupboard storage. However, some reviewers have reported that the ceramic coating may come off after repeated uses.