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Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot Pies Air Fryer

Marie Callenders Chicken Pot Pies Air Fryer

Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot Pies Air Fryer are a traditional home cooking that’s simple to make. They’re filled with a velvety filling, enclosed in a flaky crust.

When prepared in an air fryer, these frozen casserole end up completely whenever. They’re likewise low in calories and salt.

Low in Calories

Chicken casserole might appear like an unhealthy meal, however it’s in fact a low-calorie meal. It consists of lean protein and veggies, which are likewise terrific sources of vitamins and fiber. It likewise has a velvety sauce that includes taste and anti-oxidants to the meal.

A frozen variation of this traditional home cooking is an excellent alternative for individuals wanting to cut calories from their diet plans. These pies are made from flaky pastry crusts that cover pieces of chicken and veggies, that makes them filling and mouthwatering.

You can discover Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot Pies in the frozen food aisle at a lot of supermarket. These pies are available in private sizes and are perfect for part control.

One serving of a Marie Callender’s Chicken Casserole generally has about 400 calories, which is a healthy quantity for any diet plan. It’s likewise really simple to prepare and prepare, making it a best meal for hectic weeknights.

This low-calorie meal is an excellent method to get in your day-to-day dosage of lean protein, veggies, and a tasty sauce! The air fryer permits you to make this hearty meal in less time than cooking it in the oven.

It’s an excellent dish for hectic households. The frozen pies can be found in practical private sizes, and the air fryer cooks them equally and completely.

The chicken casserole air fryer is an excellent method to get in your lean protein and veggies without including a great deal of fat or calories. It’s an excellent method to stick to your health objectives, and it’s likewise an enjoyable method to attempt brand-new dishes!

You can even utilize remaining pie to make it a fast and simple meal. Just thaw the pie prior to utilizing in the air fryer.

A frozen casserole takes 30-50 minutes to prepare in the air fryer, depending upon the size. You can reduce this time by pre-heating your air fryer initially and puncturing the pie with holes to let steam escape and prepare it more equally.

Whether you’re searching for a simple, healthy supper or an on-the-go lunch, this collection of 30+ low calorie meals makes sure to have something for everybody!

Easy to Make

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Frozen casserole are a traditional home cooking, and they’re simple to make. Whether you’re searching for a fast meal that the entire household will enjoy or an unique reward for a night out with buddies, you can discover the ideal casserole at your regional supermarket.

Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot Pies Air Fryer are a best alternative for those who do not have time to prepare a homemade casserole from scratch. This dish is simple to follow and produces scrumptious outcomes whenever.

To make sure that your casserole cooks equally, pre-heat the air fryer prior to you include it to the basket. It’s likewise essential to inspect the temperature level regularly and change cooking times as required.

The air frying procedure is healthier than deep frying and can produce food that is simply as crispy. It’s essential to keep in mind that the thawing and cooking procedure can take longer than it would in the oven.

In order to accelerate the thawing and cooking procedure, you can produce holes for steam in the leading crust of your frozen casserole prior to you put it in the air fryer. This will assist to make sure that the chicken filling stays hot while you prepare the pie and the crust gets additional flaky.

When you have actually made your preferred casserole, make sure to save leftovers in the fridge. If you remain in a rush, you can just pop the pie into your air fryer for 10-12 minutes and take pleasure in a hot meal that’s all set to go.

This meal is the ideal method to take pleasure in a warm meal on a cold night or throughout a hectic weeknight. With a velvety filling and a flaky crust, you can’t fail with this scrumptious meal.

To make this dish, you’ll require a personal-sized frozen casserole and an air fryer. You can discover these pies in the freezer area of your regional supermarket, and they generally are available in sizes of 7-10 ounces.

This casserole is made with a velvety chicken filling and a flaky crust that’s completely experienced to taste. It’s an easy and yummy meal that will rapidly become your brand-new go-to favorite.


If you enjoy an excellent casserole however wish to enjoy your calorie and carbohydrate consumption, this air fryer dish is the ideal option. Chicken, veggie and a puff pastry crust all topped with a tasty, velvety sauce that’s prepared in the air fryer in simply minutes.

This is an excellent dish for at any time you’re brief on time however still desire something filling and yummy! These pies are so simple to make and make certain to please your yearnings for a hearty, reassuring supper.

To get the very best outcomes, it is necessary to pre-heat your air fryer prior to including the food. This will assist make sure that the food cooks equally and isn’t stuck. Cutting the food into smaller sized pieces will assist it prepare more equally too.

You can utilize any frozen casserole you like for this air fryer dish. Popular brand names consist of Banquet, Marie Callender’s, Swanson and more.

These private sized pies are generally 7-10 ounces in size and work well for this dish. It’s an excellent method to conserve cash on a meal that will be a struck with the whole household!

The very best part is that it’s a lot healthier than a standard oven-cooked casserole. Not just are these pies low in calories and hydrogenated fat, however they’re likewise high in protein and fiber.

When you have actually completed cooking, eliminate the pie from the air fryer basket and let it sit for about 5 minutes to enable the center of the casserole to heat up entirely. This will make sure that it’s piping hot when you serve it to your household!

The air fryer is an excellent alternative to the oven for cooking pies due to the fact that it does not need long pre-heating times. Plus, the crust is prepared equally and crispy with less time than a standard oven would take!


Chicken casserole is a traditional home cooking that’s simple to make and scrumptious to consume. It’s likewise a low-calorie meal that makes it simple to keep a calorie deficit for weight-loss.

The crust of the casserole is completely flaky and golden, enclosing a velvety filling that consists of chicken and veggies. It’s an excellent method to consume leftovers and include some taste to your table.

Cooking frozen casserole in the air fryer fasts and easy. You’ll get a crispy, hot and velvety pie that makes sure to be liked by the entire household!

You can prepare most brand names of frozen casserole in the air fryer, consisting of Banquet and Marie Callender’s. You can likewise include your own active ingredients, such as chicken and veggies.

Prior to you begin cooking, make sure to pre-heat your air fryer and inspect the casserole for doneness. This will assist make sure the whole meal is prepared equally without burning or overcooking any of the edges.

When you have actually included the frozen casserole to your air fryer, you’ll require to set a timer and follow the directions. The cooking times will differ depending upon the size of your casserole and the air fryer’s temperature level.

If you have a big casserole, the cooking times will be longer than for smaller sized ones. You’ll wish to watch on it and look for doneness every couple of minutes, up until the top is crispy and golden brown.

In addition, take care when getting rid of the foil-covered pie from the air fryer basket. If it comes out too hot, it’ll be difficult to deal with and might disintegrate.

This dish will work for a lot of frozen casserole, consisting of Banquet, Marie Callender’s and Stouffer’s. You can likewise include your own preferred veggies and blend them up with other frozen casserole.

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Making your own frozen casserole is a simple and healthy method to prepare a weeknight supper, and you can even freeze some for future meals. These are an excellent alternative for hectic households who are searching for fast and simple dishes.