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Healthy Air Fryer Recipes – Air Fryer Bhindi Masala

Air Fryer Bhindi Masala

Air Fryer Bhindi Masala is a healthy and easy Indian side dish. It’s made with okra and spices that are cooked in the air fryer until super crispy!

Wash and completely dry okra (ladyfingers). Chop into 4 lengthwise slivers.

In a bowl mix besan, cornflour, salt, turmeric powder, chilli powder, coriander powder, and chaat masala. Add sliced okra and stir well to coat.

How to make Air Fryer Bhindi Masala

Kurkuri Bhindi (stuffed okra) is a classic Indian recipe made with fresh okra, spices, and a little bit of oil. This Air Fryer version is quick and easy to make and the perfect appetizer or snack. It’s also super healthy because okra is packed with polyphenols, which are antioxidants that help prevent disease, slow the signs of aging, and improve memory!

To make this okra recipe, start by washing and patting dry the okra. Then chop them into half inch pieces. Place the chopped okra in a bowl along with the spices and oil. Mix well to evenly coat the okra. Finally, place the okra in the air fryer and cook for 15 minutes, stirring halfway through.

Air Fryer Bhindi Masala is a versatile and delicious dish that can be served as an appetiser or snack, or even as a side dish for rice, dal, or curd. It’s easy to prepare, and the flavors are simply incredible! It’s a must-try if you love okra or are looking for a healthier alternative to deep-fried dishes like fries.

What are the ingredients for Air Fryer Bhindi Masala

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Air Fryer Kurkuri Bhindi Masala is a tasty, quick and easy recipe made with the versatile Indian vegetable okra or bhindi. This recipe is vegan, gluten-free and uses a blend of pantry staples. It is perfect for busy families and can be served as a snack, appetizer or side dish with any meal.

Traditionally, this dish is made by deep frying the okra and tossing it with spices for a crispy, spicy and delicious dish. This recipe is an air fryer version of the classic and it is as easy to make as it is healthy. It is also a great way to introduce okra or bhindi to kids who might not be fond of the veggie in its traditional form.

Wash and dry the okra well and then cut them into slightly angular lengthwise pieces. In a bowl, mix besan (chickpea flour), cornflour, turmeric powder, red chili powder, coriander powder, cayenne pepper and ginger-garlic paste. Mix well and then add the bhindi. Toss them in the mixture until each okra is coated with all the spices. You can also sprinkle some freshly minced garlic over it for a nice flavourful kick. The okra or bhindi will be crispy straight out of the air fryer and it stays good for a little while but not as crisp as when fresh.

How long does it take to cook Air Fryer Bhindi Masala

Air Fryer Bhindi Masala is an easy Indian dish made with lady’s fingers (bhindi) and spices. It is a healthy side dish that can be served with roti or rice and dal. This recipe is simple to make and uses a lot less oil than traditional fried bhindi masala recipes. This air fryer bhindi is also vegan and gluten-free.

To cook this bhindi masala, first prepare the okra by washing it and cutting off both ends. Then, place the okra in an air fryer basket and cook for about 16 minutes. During this time, be sure to shake the basket and flip the okra every few minutes. If you prefer a crunchier texture, you can also add the okra to the onion tomato masala before air frying it.

Kurkuri bhindi is an amazing recipe that is perfect for anyone who loves okra. The combination of spices, including turmeric, chili powder, coriander, chaat masala, and carom/ajwain seeds, is truly amazing. This air fryer bhindi will be a hit with everyone at home. The best part is that it is a healthy version of fried okra, with just a little bit of oil. The okra is super crispy, and the flavors are amazing.

Is Air Fryer Bhindi Masala healthy

Air Fryer Kurkuri Bhindi or Crispy Okra is a healthy, low-calorie recipe made with okra (bhindi) and chickpea flour. It’s gluten free and vegan and can be served as a snack or side dish.

Okra, also known as vendakka or bhindi, is a vegetable that’s full of nutrients. It’s rich in vitamin C, folate, and magnesium. It’s also a great source of fiber. While it can be slimy when not cooked correctly, it’s delicious when it’s prepared well. Air fryer okra is a quick and easy way to make this popular veggie.

To prevent okra from becoming slimy, it’s important to wash and dry it thoroughly before cooking. Also, it’s best to choose young okra that’s soft and tender. This will help the okra cook faster and stay less slimy.

To prepare this dish, okra slivers are coated with gram flour and salt before being air fried in an air fryer. The okra is then seasoned with red chilli powder, coriander powder, and cumin powder before being sprinkled with mango powder. The okra is then placed in the air fryer and cooked for 10 to 12 minutes, flipping halfway through. After the okra is cooked, it’s topped with chaat masala and served.

Can I use frozen okra for Air Fryer Bhindi Masala

Air fryer kurkuri bhindi masala recipe is an easy, delicious Punjabi dish made with lady’s fingers (also known as okra), onion, tomato and fragrant spices. It is a quick and effortless recipe that can be made using pantry staples. It is also much healthier than fried okra recipes. It is great served with roti, rice or dal and can be made with fresh okra or frozen ones.

There is no need to thaw frozen okra for this air fryer recipe. Just layer the okra in the air fryer basket and cook as per the instructions in this recipe. You may need to shake or flip the okra at the halfway point for even cooking.

This recipe uses a light coating of gram flour and cornflour which adds a lovely crunch to the okra. The spices used in this recipe are tangy, aromatic and spicy with a hint of sweetness. It is a perfect side dish for any meal and can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. You can even make it as an appetizer or snack to enjoy on a rainy day. It is easy to prepare and makes for an ideal lunchbox item.

What is the serving size for Air Fryer Bhindi Masala

This Air Fryer Bhindi Masala recipe is a light and healthy Indian dish made with lady’s fingers (also known as okra) and fragrant spices. It is a popular Punjabi dish that is served with fresh roti or rice and dal. The okra is sauteed in an onion tomato masala until soft and cooked. This okra recipe is perfect for kids because it’s not slimy and it’s made in the air fryer so it’s quick and easy to prepare. This Air Fryer Bhindi recipe is also gluten-free and vegan. Enjoy!

Air fry the bhindi in batches, depending on the size of your air fryer. Brush with more oil, toss & bake again.

What are some variations of Air Fryer Bhindi Masala recipes

Air Fryer Bhindi Masala is an easy and healthy recipe that can be served as a side dish with rice or dal. It is made with a combination of spices and vegetables, making it a tasty alternative to traditional bhindi dishes. The ingredients are cooked together until the vegetables are soft and the spice mix is fragrant. The bhindi masala is then garnished with coriander leaves and lemon juice, and it is ready to be enjoyed!

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The recipe for Air Fryer Bhindi Masala is simple and requires just a few ingredients. It also uses an air fryer, which makes it easier to prepare than traditional bhindi dishes. The key to this recipe is using fresh, tender okra pods. Make sure to select okra that is bright green and free of bruises or blemishes. The pods should be small and crisp, and they should snap easily when you try to bend them.

To make this recipe, first preheat the air fryer to 180 degrees Celsius. Next, wash the okra and pat it dry with a kitchen towel. Then, combine the okra with the dry marinade ingredients (flour, salt, and spices). Finally, add a tablespoon of water and 2 tablespoons of oil to the okra and stir to coat.