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Ghetto Air Fryer Guy

Ghetto Air Fryer Guy

The Bronx-based culinary collective Ghetto Gastro has teamed up with cookware brand Crux to create a line of modern kitchen appliances. The collection, CRUXGG, features a toaster oven, blender, coffee maker, and air fryer with matte-black finishes and red accents.

The founders of the collective, Jon Gray, Lester Walker, and Pierre Serrao, have been at the forefront of blending food with culture for years. Their events have attracted celebrity clients like Diddy and Virgil Abloh.

What is a ghetto air fryer

The Ghetto air fryer is an appliance that allows you to cook foods in the style of a frying pan. It is a versatile kitchen tool that can be used to make many types of dishes, including fries, chicken wings, and eggs. It also works well as a slow cooker and is perfect for making soups, stews, and other liquid-based dishes. In addition, the ghetto air fryer is very affordable and can be purchased at most major retailers.

The Bronx-born collective that is Ghetto Gastro—Jon Gray, Lester Walker, and Pierre Serrao—has spent the past decade highlighting the taste and vibes of New York City’s black culture through culinary endeavors like events, merch, and virtual cooking experiences. Now, the group has partnered with Crux Kitchen—a durable cookware brand known for its line of air fryers—on a collaborative kitchen line called CRUXGG.

How to make a ghetto air fryer

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The Ghetto Air Fryer is a brand of air fryer created by the Bronx-born culinary collective known as Ghetto Gastro. The collection is designed to uplift and celebrate the Bronx—and other communities like it—as unsung drivers of global culture. Each piece in the line is meant to “transcend food, art, music, and fashion,” according to a representative. The company has partnered with Crux Kitchen, a New York-centric cookware brand, to produce the line. All proceeds from sales of the air fryer through October will benefit Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp. The product is available for preorder on Amazon. The air fryer is expected to ship in early November.

Is ghetto air fryer safe

Ghetto air fryers are safe to use as long as they are plugged in correctly. However, it is important to note that they can overheat if they are left unplugged for too long. To ensure that you don’t overheat your ghetto air fryer, it is recommended that you plug it in for no more than 15 minutes at a time.

The Bronx-based Ghetto Gastro collective, led by chefs Jon Gray, Lester Walker, and Pierre Serrao, specializes in using food as a way to uplift their community and celebrate Black culture. They do this through events, merchandise, and partnerships with nonprofits like Rethink Food and Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp. Now, the group has teamed up with NYC-centric cookware brand Crux to create a line of kitchen appliances called CRUXGG.

The collaboration features an air fryer, a waffle maker, and a grill, all of which have been designed to uplift the Bronx and other communities like it. The collection is available now through Williams Sonoma and will donate 5% of proceeds to Ghetto Gastro’s initiatives.

Do ghetto air fryers actually work

Ghetto air fryers are one of the latest kitchen gadgets that have taken the internet by storm. They are versatile and can be used to make everything from French fries to salmon. However, do ghetto air fryers actually work? Read on to find out.

The Bronx-based Ghetto Gastro collective—composed of Jon Gray, Lester Walker and Pierre Serrao—has been marrying food, culture and community since 2012, hosting events, releasing merchandise and facilitating virtual cooking experiences, almost always for the sake of Black empowerment and to “protect the joy.” They draw direct lines from African cuisine to the foundation of American cooking, while also working to assist subsequent generations through a myriad of efforts, including partnering with Rethink Food on a program to bridge the gap between restaurant waste and food insecurity by mobilizing restaurants to prepare free meals in underserved communities.

Their organic groundswell led to big business coming knocking, with the trio partnering with NYC-centric cookware brand Crux on a line of appliances called CRUXGG that debuted this fall. The resulting collection of products—including an air fryer and waffle maker—features the group’s logo, and 5% of proceeds goes to a collective of non-profit organizations fighting food insecurity like Sky High Farm, Project Eats, Summaeverythang, and Culture Aid NOLA.

What are the benefits of using a ghetto air fryer

When it comes to small kitchen appliances that can do a lot of work for little space, air fryers are in a class all their own. They’re capable of preparing everything from French fries to salmon. And they’re also incredibly easy to use. That’s why many people are choosing to invest in an air fryer.

Ghetto Gastro is a Bronx-born culinary collective that uses food as a way to uplift and celebrate Black culture. The collective is led by chefs Jon Gray, Lester Walker, and Pierre Serrao, who have spent the past decade bridging the gap between food and culture one dish at a time. They’re now collaborating with Crux Kitchen, a cookware brand known for its durable products, to produce a line of kitchen appliances called CRUXGG.

Each piece in the collection is designed to “uplift and celebrate The Bronx, and places like it, as unsung drivers of global culture.” And 5% of proceeds from every purchase will be donated to a coalition of non-profit organizations that fight food insecurity. So if you’re looking for an air fryer that looks good and does good, this is definitely worth checking out.

Can you air fry without an air fryer

Air fryers are becoming one of the most popular small kitchen appliances. They offer a healthier alternative to traditional frying methods that use large amounts of oil. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when using an air fryer. It’s important to cut your food into small pieces and dry it as much as possible before cooking. You should also avoid overcrowding your dishes or adding too much liquid to your recipes.

Ghetto Gastro is a Bronx-based culinary collective that’s putting the city on the map for its cuisine. Co-founders Jon Gray, Lester Walker, and Pierre Serrao cut their teeth at some of the world’s most elite restaurants. Now, they’re defining their own lane as a Black-helmed brand that celebrates culture and community through food.

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They’ve also started to tackle social issues like food insecurity. They partnered with Rethink in the Bronx, an organization that connects restaurants with communities to provide free meals. And their eight-episode series “In the Cut with Ghetto Gastro” features guests like Questlove, A$AP Ferg, and Von Diaz.

And in 2020, Ghetto Gastro teamed up with Crux Kitchen to release a line of modern kitchen gadgets. The first product, the CruxGG TRNR double-rotation waffle maker, sold out in less than 72 hours. And all proceeds through October 2020 were donated to Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp.