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Air Fryer Poori

Air Fryer Poori is a delicious snack made using whole wheat flour. It is baked instead of fried and is much healthier. It also uses fewer ingredients and is quick to prepare.

This healthy snack can be paired with a variety of sweet and savory dishes. It is especially popular during fasting.

Is Air Fryer Safe for Deep-Frying

Air fryers are kitchen appliances that reportedly help reduce fat and calories in foods by circulating hot air around the food. They are promoted as a healthy, guilt-free way to enjoy fried foods such as french fries, chicken wings and empanadas. Air frying may also reduce the amount of acrylamide in foods, which is a carcinogen found in deep-fried foods (). However, more studies are needed on whether air frying actually makes food healthier than roasted, grilled or slow-cooked meals.

Another concern about air fryers is that they can make food less crispy. The hot air they circulate cannot get to all sides of the food, which can result in less crispiness than when cooked on a pan or in a conventional oven.

Also, air fryers only work on foods that are already breaded or coated in batter. They cannot cook wet foods such as donuts or churros, which require a lot of oil to be made. For these reasons, many people find that they do not achieve the same taste as those made with traditional methods.

How to Make Perfect Air Fryer Pooris

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Pooris are puffed up whole wheat flour Indian bread that is often served for breakfast or as a meal with your favorite curry. They are also a popular option for lunch or dinner during fasting for Navratri. You can pair them with chole, potato sagu, matar paneer, sambar, undhiyu and even desserts like shrikhand or aamras.

The key to making perfect air fryer pooris is getting the dough consistency right. The dough should be firm and not too soft or dry. You can make the dough in a stand mixer or by hand. When kneading the dough, it is important to use just enough water so that it does not become sticky. The best way to do this is to trickle the water in a little bit at a time.

Once the dough is ready, divide it into equal parts and roll each piece out to be smooth. It is also a good idea to lightly grease your rolling pin and work surface to prevent the dough from sticking. If you want to make round puris, try using a circle cutter to get the perfect shape.

Once you have rolled out the puris, they can be air fried or deep fried. When frying in the air fryer, place them on a plate not stacked or overlapped so that they can cook evenly.

Can Air Fryer Make Crispy Pooris

Poori is one of the most versatile fry breads in Indian cuisine. It can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner and can be paired with almost any type of dish. The key to making perfect pooris is to ensure that they are evenly rolled and have a crispy texture.

To achieve this, you will need to use the right type of flour and knead the dough well. You should also make sure that the oil used for frying is hot enough. Finally, it is important to press down the pooris gently with a spatula or spider so that they puff up well.

This recipe for air fried pooris is easy to follow and will give you deliciously crunchy results every time. You can serve them with a variety of dishes, from batata bhaji to chole masala and even shrikhand. Enjoy!

What Ingredients Are Needed for Air Fryer Pooris

If you want to make air fryer pooris, you will need the following ingredients:

A flavorless oil that has a high smoke point. Peanut, sunflower, safflower or avocado oil works best.

Filling (big lemon size): I used Pineapple Halwa, but you can use any other halwa or even plain water or pani puri/golgappa water.

A rolling pin is not needed to roll the dough, instead just grease your hands. The rolling pin may cause the pooris to become hard or thick, which will not puff up well while frying.

How to Store Air Fryer Pooris

Pooris can be kept in airtight jars or boxes and stay fresh for a month. They can also be reheated in the microwave (10-15 seconds at high) or in an air fryer (5-6 minutes at 160 degrees C/320 degrees F).

Make sure to knead the dough well and roll them thin. If the dough is too soft, they will absorb excess oil and become greasy. On the other hand, if the dough is too hard, they will not puff up. Use a tortilla press or rolling pin to help make them look neat and uniform.

Once the oil is hot enough, gently slide in one poori. It should fluff up immediately and turn golden brown on both sides. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on paper towels to absorb the excess oil. Repeat with the remaining puris.

It is important to fry the pooris in small batches to avoid overcrowding the kadai or pan. Also, it is important to heat the oil at a medium-high temperature. If you add a small piece of dough to the oil, it should sizzle and rise back up immediately. If it doesn’t, the oil isn’t hot enough. Always test the oil with a small piece of dough before frying.

Are Air Fryer Pooris Healthier Than Deep-Fried Ones

Air fryers are small kitchen appliances that make many foods like french fries, roasted veggies, paneer tikka, samosa, mathri and more crispy, crunchy and light in texture. They work on the same principle as the convection oven but use hot air, which is circulated quickly around the food and makes it cook much faster.

They are claimed to be healthier than the deep-fried ones as they use very little oil and therefore contain fewer calories. They also help to maintain the nutrition of the food as they do not oxidise the fats and release harmful compounds.

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The key to good air frying is ensuring that the oil is hot enough. A frying thermometer is a useful tool to have in the kitchen to monitor this. You can also test the temperature of the oil by breaking off a bit of dough and dropping it into the frying pan. If it rises immediately, the oil is hot enough.

These air fried pooris are a perfect breakfast or brunch option and go well with any sabzi. They are surprisingly tasty and have that satisfying crunch you’re looking for, without all the extra guilt!